Anonymous asked: go masturbate

not in the mood

vangoku asked: what is the episode of the walking dead where he says "I'm doing stuff Lori, things."?

i don’t remember but it must be season 3

Anonymous asked: What is tmgis?

The Most Popular Girls in School.

Anonymous asked: youre on tumblr dont pretend youve been studying

I can multitask

Anonymous asked: POST A NEW PICTURE OF YOU

thanks for distracting me from studying

emobaria asked: king of Overland Park.

It’s what I deserve.

type40blog asked: king of containment

Anonymous asked: King of Aubrey Plaza

I think she’d rule over me.

Anonymous asked: King of SASS


hctrprinceoftroy asked: Do people not understand your humor or...?

I don’t blame them, my humour is pretty obscure sometimes.